Wes Harvin featured on the Health Revolution With V

Planning for Financial Wellness with Attorney Wes Harvin on "Health Revolution with V"

Wes Harvin, of the Estate Trust & Elder Law Firm recently had the pleasure of joining V on her show, “Health Revolution with V,” to discuss a topic that’s often overlooked yet crucial for a secure future: financial wellness.

During the conversation, Wes delved into several key areas that can help you and your family prepare for the financial road ahead.

The Foundations: Wills and Trusts

The discussion kicked off with the bedrock of any sound financial plan—the importance of having a will and a trust

These aren’t just pieces of paper; they’re critical tools that help you dictate how your assets are distributed and protect the financial well-being of your loved ones.

The Power of Incentive Trusts

One unique aspect we touched on was the idea of “incentive trusts.” These are not your run-of-the-mill trusts; they’re designed to motivate beneficiaries towards achieving particular goals or maintaining specific behaviors. 

An incentive trust allows you a greater degree of control over your assets, even when you’re not around to supervise.

The Safety Net of Long-Term Care Insurance

Wes also spoke about an often overlooked component of financial wellness: long-term care insurance

This form of insurance can offer you peace of mind, ensuring you’re taken care of in your later years. While no policy is perfect, having one is infinitely better than the alternative.

The Role of Medicaid in Long-Term Care

We dove deep into the intricacies of Medicaid, focusing on its role in long-term care. Medicaid can be an excellent resource if properly understood and navigated.

With adequate planning, it can become an asset rather than a last resort.

Why You Should Consult a Professional

Lastly, Wes emphasized the value of early and knowledgeable professional consultation. It’s never too early to start planning, and having expert guidance can make all the difference in securing your financial future and that of your family.

Wrapping It Up

Wes’s discussion with V was aimed at empowering you to take control of your financial wellness. The episode was packed with actionable insights from the establishment of wills and trusts to the ins and outs of long-term care insurance and Medicaid.

The video interview is aimed to give you a comprehensive understanding of planning for your financial future.

If you’re ready to plan for a successful financial future, contact the experienced team at The Estate, Trust, and Elder Law Firm. We can help explore your options and create a plan that works for you. Click here or call us at (772) 828-2588 to get started today.

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