5 Florida Veteran Benefits You Might Not Know About

As attorneys who specialize in representing senior citizens in Elder Law, including accessing Medicaid and Veterans Benefits, and more, we care about helping you achieve your best possible life. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 5 benefits that senior veterans living in Florida can benefit from. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs can suggest even more benefits that you might be eligible for! 

Benefit #1: Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Did you know? The state of Florida operates 6 Veterans’ nursing homes and 1 assisted living facility throughout the state that provide care at little or no-copay for eligible veterans.  Military.com explains that basic admission requirements for all veterans’ nursing homes in Florida include state residency for at least one year prior to admission, honorable discharge status, and a certification of need of nursing home care by a VA physician.

Benefit #2: Real Estate Purchase Discounts

Are you considering buying a house or condo for your retirement? Remember that Florida Resident veterans with VA disability of at least 10 percent can get a $5,000 deduction on their home’s assessed value. The unremarried surviving spouse who had been married to the veteran for at least 5 years may also entitled to this exemption.

Benefit #3: Property Tax Exemptions

Disabled veterans with an honorable discharge who reside in Florida might be eligible for property tax exemption. Eligible veterans who are exempt from paying property tax on their residences include those who are 100 percent permanently and totally disabled as well as quadriplegic veterans. Unremarried surviving spouses may also be eligible. In addition, Florida resident veterans who are paraplegic, hemiplegic, or permanently and totally disabled who must use a wheelchair for mobility, or are legally blind, may be exempt from real estate taxation depending on income, says Military.com.

Benefit #4: Enjoy Nature for Free!

Florida’s State Parks offer a 25% discount on annual passes to all state parks for all honorably discharged veterans. Veterans with service-connected disabilities and their spouses or surviving spouses get a free lifetime pass.

Benefit #5: Hunt and Fish at a Discount

Retired military Florida residents can get a Military Gold Sportsman’s License for $20. This significantly discounted license covers hunting, freshwater and saltwater fishing and a variety of associated permits. 100% permanently and totally disabled service-connected veterans are entitled to a free five-year hunting and fishing license.

Are you a veteran or senior citizen living in or planning to retire in Vero Beach, FL? Do you have questions about what you’re legally entitled to as a senior citizen or a veteran?

The Estate, Trust, and Elder Law Firm is here to answer your questions about any legal concerns you might have! Call us at 772-878-7271 or contact us online today!

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